I have been working with trans*people in a psychotherapeutical setting since 2014 after dealing with the topic of trans* and gender identity for quite a while before that. From my point of view, trans* is always a self-definition on a non-binary gender scale that can, but doens’t have to be ensued by a legal and/or physical transitional process. This process of finding one’s identity is often accompanied by challenges in many areas of life, where psychotherapeutic support can be very valuable.

I’ve been a member of the Berlin Health Network Transidentity („Berliner Gesundheits-Netzwerkes Transidentität“ GNTI) since 2014, an interdisciplinary network of different proffessions, meeting once monthly in the CSW to ensure a good care for trans*people and an optimal networking of professionals.

As part of my psychotherapeutical work I am offering therapy for trans*people as well as therapeutic support for relatives, especially partners. Starting in Fall 2016, I will be working with the so-called reimbursement procedure, enabling me to see publicly insured people as well.


Counselling Centers in Berlin

Sonntagsclub e.V.

Queer Leben

TransInterQueer e.V.


Information on legal things and sex reassignment surgery (SRS) and much more

Collected knowledge from trans*men

Flyers for downloading on legal things, SRS and much more


Supplementary ID

Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Transidentität und Intersexualtität


Medical care/ Hormon replacement therapy

Dr.Christoph Schuler, Turmstr.76a, 10551 Berlin-Tiergarten, Tel: 030-3911021

Informations for medical professionals about trans*


Please note, that most of the links and resources are in German, yet most of the professionals and counselling centres do speak English.