Medical license (Approbation) as a Psychological Psychotherapist with the focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therary

Registration with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, Registration no. 32108

Diploma Psychologist (6-year full time degree)


Further Trainings

Curriculum “Mindfulness in Psychotherapy” of the AWP Berlin
(with Arve Thürmann, Christine Brähler and Christopher Germer)

Additional Training „CBT Interventions“ with a focus on

  • Behavioral and Problem Analysis (according to Kanfer und Saslow)
  • Social Skills Training (according to Lieberman)
  • Stressmanagement (according to Meichenbaum)
  • Problem Solving Training (according to D’Zurilla & Goldfried)
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation (according to Jacobson)



Deutsche Psychotherapeutenvereinigung (DPtV) (German Psychotherapist Union)
Gesundheits-Netzwerk Transidentität (GNTI) (Professional’s network for trans*people Berlin)