My Work

Being faced with problems and the whole bandwidth of emotions is naturally a part of human life. My work is focused on personal needs and emotions, picking up my clients exactly where they are at the moment. Acceptance, appreciation and a non-judgmental attitude are my most important values in therapy and counseling.

Even though my work is firmly rooted in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, it has been moving away from strict concepts and treatment manuals to a more client-centered approach. Individuality in treatment is one of the most important things for me.

An important component of my work is mindfulness and the focus on self-compassion. Mindfulness-oriented methods are creating an atmosphere of non-judgment and acceptance concerning the problematic situation. This is often new and feels unfamiliar for the client, yet it can also be extremely relieving. The mindful approach in therapy is enhanced by the practice of self-compassion. While mindfulness helps to recognize that there is a difficult situation at the moment, self-compassion helps to deal with difficult emotions that accompany it. Nevertheless, I feel the need to mention that I don’t use mindfulness as a magic bullet for every problem. I only suggest to use in situations where it can be of great help.

A further technique I like to use is Schema Therapy. Schema Therapy helps people to recognize difficult behavioral patterns that often create difficulties in relationsships and solve them on an emotional level. Thus, changing emotional and behavioral patters that have been memorized for years and years, step by step is the main focus here.

At the same time, I keep noticing that sometimes, a strong longing for something to change can also become an obstacle. This is why I can’t stress enough how important it is to get a full understanding of the current situation first. Acceptance of the current situation is a good and sustainable basis for change. Relevant problems are easier to overcome while future problems can be prevented. Sometimes the result may also be a very conscious decision for the status quo instead of change which is totally OK as well.

Thanks to a broad methodological set-up I am able to offer short-time interventions as well as long-term support. When it comes to relationship problems or family problems or questions concerning the general orientation in life or the own sexuality, friends and family may react overwhelmed. They may even be so involved themselves that they are unable to give good advice. In these situations, the fresh view of a person outside the system can be invaluable.

Please contact me absolutely non-obligatory, if you have questions concerning my work. Call me under/at (+49) 152 5611 6955 or write me an EMAIL.